I see the world through a broken lens



Though there are pockets of sublime beauty, complete balance and natural perfection, my overall view of the world is fragmented, distorted, even shattered. I admittedly see a universal oneness in the vastness of outer space, the planet earth or a single human being. Much of what men contribute to descriptions and definitions are made through their own subjective, vastly limited personal interpretation, education and/or experience. To these factors I add an overlay of ignorance, the ever-present tribal gene and a desire to control others or the environment.



We don’t communicate in the truest sense of the word. Arbitrary land border disputes, institutional/corporate mentality of truly selfish acts, the dominant presence of ever-increasing numbers of government rules/laws, the rude manner in which we drive our automobiles on the highways, all give credence to this belief.



It appears anything man-made is fraught with problems, errors and danger.


Though my art is (wo)man made, I attempt to keep them in the organic realm; that is, outside human intervention and interpretation.... in an area beyond mere words.


Those pieces which reflect anything manmade are literally fragmented.

I can’t escape seeing the world through a broken lens.