Art to me is like breathing--- a natural state of being in the flow of creativity.   In the 1980s, while taking classes in graphic design, calligraphy, and decorated letters, I owned a successful graphic business in Ventura for seven years.  I currently maintain a calligraphy business, along with my work in art.
I am constantly studying different art subjects and methodologies – from abstract oils, mixed media, sculpturing, and cold glass, to realistic florals in colored pencil, as well as fabric, yarn, tile, thread, acrylic, foil leaf, paper, fibers, shells, old jewelry, beads, photography, manipulation of digital images, tole paints, wood and much more.

  Within the last two years my work has been exhibited in seventeen states: Arkansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Colorado, Texas, New Jersey, Washington,Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Dakota,North Carolina, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Florida and California.  Many of my pieces have won awards at these Juried Exhibitions.  For example, first place at the National Orange Show in San Bernardino, California; third place at Laredo Center for the Arts in Laredo, Texas; and numerous Honorable Mentions and Awards of Merit.

Driven to discover what happens, what develops, what results from experimenting with materials, with color, with texture, one of my challenges lies in completing projects to the very end, to the climax.  As I complete one piece of art, I am reinvigorated to begin another – a never-ending spiral upward, energy feeding on energy.

A California native born in Los Angeles, I have always been interested in art.  I began creating items from scraps of paper, pencils, garden and other found items.  Unlike other children who simply picked up a crayon and colored, I studied all the possible color combinations with sets of two and three crayons by making charts and then creating designs from them on paper. 

Over the years, I found the structure of art classes very limiting; therefore, I self-taught by continually mixing art mediums and experimenting with different materials and subject matter.  I am, however, currently affiliated with the art department of the new California State University at Channel Islands and have fourteen pieces on display around that campus.

Among the words used to describe me, the artist, are:  Born artist, mysterious, regal, an inspiration, beautiful, accomplished, gutsy, classy, provocative, courageous, strong, determined, focused, charismatic, a study in extremes, incisive, perceptive, with a flair for the unusual.